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Grill kebap is one of Europe's favourite foods.

With grill kebap, you're in the trend! Time is too precious to spend it toiling at the rotisserie. The grill kebaps are removable in single servings. Simply place the desired servings in the pan. The pre-grilled and finely-minced grill kebaps offer a convenience in your everyday routine. The quick preparation enables you to save time.

Delight your guests with traditional and fresh kebap.

Excellent Grill Kebap for modern and delicious cooking from a single kitchen to a commercial kitchen.

Additional advantages:

No special kitchen appliances necessary

  No expert cooking skills required

  No cooking shrinkage

  Profitable from the first serving

  Many options for variations (e.g. as a pizza topping)

  Highest quality thanks to innovative processing technology

The challenge:

When cooking, everything has to happen fast, yet still taste delicious.

Time is precious. Food has to be prepared quickly, yet it is still supposed to taste delicious.

Our Solution:

Finely minced and ready grilled kebap, which can be used in single servings.

Simply place the desired servings into the pan, and 2-3 minutes later, the excellent

kebap is ready to serve.

All kebaps are already grilled, finely minced, packaged in foil and individually quick frozen (IQF).

Full of vitality, powerful, unique, charming, exclusive, complete enjoyment:

Quick, tasty and easy preparation


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