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The speciality from the Orient! Our meat-free alternative to hamburger: The Falaburger. Enjoy the wonderful aroma of spices and vegetables from the Middle East. This power fast food is not only healthy but very delicious!


The extraordinary


Just another traditional Döner made of poultry or beef? No! We have come up with something extraordinary for you and your guests. We have taken the unforgettable taste of the Black Sea region and brought it home to you with our Madofish.  Try this pearl of the untamed sea, and discover the unique aromas of this region. Surprise your friends and guests with this extraordinary combination. Join us in discovering the magical world of the Black Sea.

The Delikate Grill Kebab


For our poultry lovers, we have come up with something special. Our Madovola is a mix of tender chicken meat and the finest turkey meat with distinctive Grill Kebab flavor. Try this creation from Madosi and we promise that you will never want to miss this culinary delight again.

The breeze of the Black Sea


The Eastern region of the Black Sea is known for its contrasts. On one side is the paradise-like idyllic mainland and on the other is the wild Black Sea. We combine these two contrasts in our fish burger.  Experience the wild aroma of the Black Sea and the unique taste of the region. Our fish burger is the perfect symbiosis of fish and vegetables, naturally in proven Madosi/Ekselans quality. We invite you and your guests to explore this world of flavour. Join us in an unforgettable journey into new and exciting aromas.


The American Dream!

A classic from America, not to be missed at any barbecue. Our hamburger meat is made only from the finest beef and traditional spices.

A hearty piece of America!


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