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Our Steak haché à la Française – prepared traditionally with lien ground beef, without spices or additives, is offered in a round or oval shape in a beefsteak style.

In a flash, you can put especially appetising French flair on your dinner table. Remove the steak haché à la Française from the package and prepare it in a coated pan or on the grill platter. You can then season your Steak haché à la Française according to your own taste and garnish it in various ways. With fried potatoes, French fries, or mashed potatoes, or salad, you can create an original French culinary highlight. Discover a legendary speciality from French cooking tradition.

The American Dream!

A classic from America, not to be missed at any barbecue. Our hamburger meat is made only from the finest beef and traditional spices.

A hearty piece of America!

Easy preparation,

quick results!

Prepare the product in a non - steamed condition. Only consume consume. The preparation time can vary depending on the device performance. No oil is needed.

In the oven: 190 ° C approx. 10 min.

In contact grill: 175 ° C approx. 3 min.

In the pan: in the heated coated pan approx. 5 min. On medium heat.

In the frying pan: 180 ° C approx. 5 min. Several times.


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